Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Membership Models


10 Tips to Develop and Effectively Use Components in Membership Marketing

Components offer associations a multitude of opportunities to drive their missions and increase their revenues. From the development of content to driving membership, when properly designed and managed, components become essential channels through which associations develop and deliver theirvalue.

But exactly what is a component? What are the elements associations need to consider in creating a
component? What is necessary in the management of a component? How can they be used to increase

Written by two respected leaders in the field of association and membership marketing, Erik Schonher, CeM MBA,VP Marketing General, and Trevor Mitchell, CAE, Executive Director Member Programs & Services ARMA International, the purpose of this white paper is to act as a primer and provide association executives with an appreciation of the growing importance of components in the development and delivery of membership value and how to take the initial steps necessary to develop and integrate a component strategy into an association’s overall membership marketing plan.
If you'd like a free copy of the whitepaper, or discuss how you can grow your components and increase their effectiveness in driving your membership, please contact me at 703.706.0358 or


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