Friday, November 15, 2013

Over .85% Response with 100% pay-up!

I wanted to share with you the incredible results I’ve gotten on a recent membership campaign for one of my clients as it points out the importance of several factors in successfully promoting membership. This program was so successful that it generated a profit which is being used to offset additional research my client is performing.

My client is a medium-sized association targeting business professionals in the United States with dues in excess of $500/yr.

We targeted over 25,000 for the promotion for the initial mailing, with 20% identified as multi-buyers who received a second piece and three follow up emails.

Gross Response Rate:  Exceeded .85% or 250 new members.

What this program had going for it:

1.       Used expired members and response lists to target prospect market

2.       Identified those most likely to buy (multi-buyers)

3.       Utilized multiple channels to increase awareness and become top-of-mind

4.       Allowed for proration of dues (annual renewal date)

It took some work to plan and execute this program, but the results are worth it and my client’s satisfaction when we presented the results was phenomenal.

If you’d like to learn more about this program or how I can assist you in the marketing of your membership, please contact me.