Thursday, October 28, 2010

What are the requirements for change?

We all know that CHANGE is never easy. It causes pain, both from 'anticipation' as well as 'implementation.' But CHANGE is necessary and as such we need to find ways to make it happen. So, when thinking about implementing a change, think about:

Set a Clear Goal: much change never occurs because people involved don't understand why the change is necessary and what the goal is. Be clear with everyone involved as to what the goal is and the benefits.

Take Small Steps: even a 'little change' can be intimidating. Task Analyze the objective into smaller and easier to accomplish tasks so that people can understand the tasks easier and not 'dread' the change.

Stick to the Goal: with all the resistance you'll get, at some point it will look like the program will fail. Don't let it. Stick to the plan and keep pushing. Have faith in your abilities, your peers and your organization.

2011 is right around the corner. A new year to bring on new changes. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm speaking at CalSAE in December

FYI - I'll be speaking on December 8 in Sacramento, CA, on the Membership Lifecycle and the Results of our 2010 Membership Benchmarking Study. This is a CalSAE event. They do a great job and this looks to be a wonderful event. If you're in town I strongly recommend that you find time to stop by.