Sunday, November 20, 2011

Smart Phones are becoming a Smart Move for Associations

I just finished reading "Retailers Adapt as Mobile Holiday Shopping Booms" in the Sunday Washington Post online.

As per the article, "Best Buy has 63 so-called connected stores in which employees have been given mobile devices and are encouraged to use their own smart phones to help shoppers research products and check inventory.

"Employees are empowered to make the decision to match a competitor price on the spot," a spokeswoman for Best Buy added."

After such a long time since my last post, why am I leading with this? Good question. Because...

Aside from the fact that associations should be utilizing smart phones when managing the day-to-day chaos of an Annual Show, think about how Smart Phones can be used to drive revenue at that same show by:
  • Allowing sponsors to buy links as their booth shows up on the map or sessions are offered by their representatives
  • Providing links to association products that align with specfic sessions and/or booths
  • Increasing attendee (and maybe non-attendee) engagement through Twitter, FB and Linked In at the show as attendees comment on booths, sessions and maybe ("good grief, can you believe she wore flats with that?"). Maybe even have an awards program with votes for the best booths, or even the King and Queen of the Show? Yet another sponsorship idea. Cha-Ching!

This simply goes to enforce what I've been telling all my clients and anyone who will listen...The AUVP (Association's Unique Value Proposition) is that of Information Concierge for their members, prospects and stakeholders. We don't need to be the first to offer information, we need to be THE FIRST TO OFFER CONTEXTED INFORMATION so it is relevant to the member and they can use it!

If you agree or disagree, let me know! Look forward to reading your comments.