Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Use of Social Media in Membership Marketing

We're busy putting together the results of the 2011 MGI Membership Benchmarking Study which will be released at the upcoming ASAE Annual Conference in St. Louis this August. As we take a look at the results I'll post those which I think will provide you with a little "inside information" in anticipation of the study's release. What is real exciting is that, given this is the third year for the study, we can begin comparing results from previous years to get a perspective on practice changes within our community.

In answer to the question of "...what social media is officially used by your association?" here are the results for both 2010 and 2011:

FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube have grown while ALL other social media measured are declining in popularity. Interesting to note is that in 2010, 8% of those associations surveyed indicated "No Social Media" while in 2011 the count dropped to 6%.

When asked which social media has been "...most effective in achieving your membership goals?" 51% said FaceBook, 27% indicated Twitter and 25% marked LinkedIn - Public (versus private).

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  1. Hey Erik,

    Thanks for sharing this. I look forward to seeing other results as they come out.

    I find it surprising that the percentage of associations using blogs has declined. I realize blogs are not the most fashionable form of social media right now but they can be a great way to discuss association and industry "stuff" with members and non-members alike. I wonder if conversations that used to take place on blogs have now moved over the Facebook pages and LinkedIn groups. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

  2. Scott,
    Thats a very interesting question and thanks for putting it out there.

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