Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reporting to you LIVE, from 30,000 feet! A Truth to Successful Marketing: Multiple Touch, Multiple Channels & Multiple Cycles

As I wing my way back from MN where I've been attending a 2-day meeting at our corporate headquarters in MN (ooooofta!), I thought it would be a good idea to write a quick editorial on a very important topic.

The offer and the list are still the most important elements of any member acquisition effort. However, the days of sending out one direct mail piece or making one phone call, and expecting that one effort to be singularly profitable are declining...if not simply over.

Today, to have a successful campaign you have to use multiple channels, email/direct mail/telemarketing/etc., multiple times during a singular initiative to even hope of  being somewhat successful. 

My experience with my clients finds that we can, on average, increase the response rate of a member acquisition program (by as much as 50%) by following up a direct mail piece with a series of emails.

We've also recommend the use of telemarketing as one of the final efforts in renewal programs, after a series of emails and letters. 

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