Friday, February 25, 2011

Is it time for your Social Media Audit?

During the past 24 months the utilization of social media and its incorporation into our marketing plans has grown ten-fold. To that point, perhaps now is the time to perform a Social Media Audit to determine if your association is using the tool the best way possible to tell your story and drive your goals?

As we've all performed marketing audits in the past, this kind of thing can be as simple or difficult as you make it. In my mind, the one important question you have to ask is "Are these tactics helping me accomplish my goals?"

Remember that I said it was a simple question.

First, are the results quantifiable? That will certainly answer the question quickly if they are. If not, can they become quantifiable? As I'm a numbers-guy, I always want numbers to help me manage my campaigns, but there are instances when numbers don't really count. If that's the case, bully.

Second, are the tactics/channels you are using keeping within the overall message/brand of the organization? Hopefully you made the decision on this when you developed the campaigns but things do change and upgrades and changes to the programs can sometimes go astray of the brand.

Finally, are you fully utilizing the uniquities of each channel? Video? Text? Messaging? Graphics? Is the copy maximizing the impact? Are the videos engaging and telling the right stories? Are you changing the content enough so it keeps people coming back for more?

These are my simple musings at 4:54 PM on a Friday afternoon. If you have other thoughts, I hope that you'll comment.

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