Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Study Illuminates Design Ideas for Facebook

New information on how Facebook pages are read was offered today in an article by Sarah Kessler of Mashable.
In a study that tracked eye-movement over the page, the #1 item that got the most attention was "title." Yep, your position in the company where you work.

The other top areas were your profile picture, who you know (your "friends"), and basically the content at the top of your page.

As we progress to better understanding how to use social media in the development and management of our membership marketing programs, these tid-bits help us to best leverage these channels to maximize the impact of our messaging.

I'd be most interested in hearing from any of you as to how you're using FB, LinkedIn or any other social media platform and if you've tested design.

Experts in Membership Marketing is written by Erik Schonher of Marketing General Incorporated.

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