Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Offer from the Post Office: Postal Discount Extended to Non-Profit Mail

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Several weeks back the USPS announced that they were going to have a summer promotion with a 3% postage discount, but it would only include 1st class and Std A class mail. It has now been announced that the promotion will be extended to include non-profit mail as well.

A couple of things to note:

1) The promotion only applies to mail that uses a mailing permit indicia - mail with live stamps does not apply.

2) Must print the indicia onto the envelopes.

3) Many vendors will have indicia’s that you will be able to use as long as you have the appropriate Non-Profit Point of Entry established (does not apply for 1st class or Std A).

4)  Let your vendors know of your desire to take advantage of this promotion when the job is submitted so the proper paperwork can be prepared and submitted electronically.

5) Please see the notes below for additional information and specific requirements.

Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) Approves 3% Mobile Barcode (QR Code) Promotion Postage Discount.

The promotion grants a 3% postage discount for First Class and Standard Mail pieces (including Non-Profit Mail) that bear a barcode readable by a consumer smart phone during July and August 2011. The requirements are less complicated than earlier promotion discounts.

Here are some of the features:

• The test begins July 1 and ends August 31, 2011.

• First Class Mail, Standard Mail, and Non-Profit letters, cards, and flats all qualify.

• The QR code may be printed on the outside of the piece or within the mail piece.

• The discount is up-front...claimed on the mailing statement, not a rebate.

No advance application/approval is required....but test your QR code to be sure it's readable and directed to a mobile optimized website.

• The QR code must be used for marketing purposes reasonably germane to the mail piece.

• Mailings must be entered using permit imprint payment with electronic documentation.

For further information on mobilbarcodes, click on the link below:

2011 USPS Mobile Barcode Promotion Facts

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