Thursday, July 1, 2010

Top 10 Power Words according to Yale University

Using the right word at the right time is essential to acheive ANY sales and marketing objective. In a recent posting by Gil Carlson on his blogg, he points out that, according to Yale University's psychology department, these are the TOP 10 Most Powerful Words you can use:

1. You -- Listed as the #1 most powerful word in every study reviewed. Because of the personal nature of advertising copywriting, you should use “you” in your headline, opening line and as often as possible. In fact, many copywriters will throw out a headline if “you” is not in it.

2. Results -- Works in rationalizing a purchase.

3. Health -- Especially powerful when it applies to a product.

4. Guarantee --Provides sense of safety at time of purchase.

5. Discover -- Presents a sense of excitement and adventure.

6. Love -- Continues to be an all-time favorite.

7. Proven -- Helps remove fear from trying something new.

8. Safety -- This could refer to health or long-lasting quality.

9. Save -- We all want to save something.

10. New -- It's part of basic human makeup to seek novelty.

Happy writing!


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