Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Upcoming Webinar: MGI's Membership Marketing Benchmarking Survey Results

The interest in MGI's Membership Marketing Benchmarking survey continues to grow.

As you may remember, the results were presented at ASAE's Annual in Toronto and were well received. I've reported on them in this blog as well.

Since the show, Tony has also presented the findings at some brown bags locally. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to attend has been able to in person due to distances. So, given the requests, Tony will be putting on two webinars to share the findings.

The two webinars will occur:

  1. November 5th Thursday: 11-Noonish
  2. November 10th Tuesday: 2-3ish

"Seating" is limited. So if you're interested, please shoot an email ASAP to Jim Doyle at so we can reserve a spot for you, as well as send you the details. If any questions, shoot him those too.

Have a great day.

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